July 18, 2014
11 days since
our celebration.

Welcome Rose family to our new website!

In July 2014 we will gather in Cincinnati, Ohio to celebrate the bond of family. This weekend will be filled with laughter, great food, fun and family fellowship.  This reunion will bring a smile on your face and joy to your heart.  There will be something for everyone!
Roger Abramson and Susan Isenberg are chairing the committee, they would love to have family members of all ages and geographic locations help on the committee. Please email Roger at rogerabramson@gmail.com or Susan at uksusan7@aol.com if you are interested.

Check our family website often to receive regular updates related to the 2014 Rose Family Reunion
July 18th-20th, 2014!

UPDATE as of April 2014

1.) Joel Pranikoff has offered to organize a tour of The Holocast Museum and/or the The Contemporary Arts Center on Saturday, July 19th.  Please respond to the poll below to let us know if you are interested in attending.

2.) Please start saving family photos taken since our last reunion in 2010.  We will be asking for you to email them soon!

3.) This is a friendly reminder that hotel reservations should be made by June 19th.

4.) FYI- there have been updates made to the "Things to do" page with local area activities.  You can find this on the http://rosefamilyreunions.com/5/things_to_do.htm page.

Would you like a family tour of the:

The Contemporary Arts Center
Holocaust Museum
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